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Park Tool The Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair - 3rd Edition

Park Tool The Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair - 3rd Edition
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Updated with new information, techniques, photos, procedures, and components, plus a larger, easier-to-read format, Park Tool's Big Blue Book Of Bicycle Repair - 3rd Edition is a comprehensive repair manual with all the information the novice and veteran mechanic needs to perform nearly any repair from trailside fixes, to routine tune-ups, to more advanced procedures and complete overhauls (be sure to review the Table of Contents). Written by Park Tool Director of Education and longtime USA Cycling pro race mechanic, Calvin Jones, and including hundreds of photos, this must-have manual is the perfect reference and step-by-step repair guide for nearly any bike, including road, mountain, BMX, fixie and singlespeed. Park wrote the book on bicycle repair!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 — Basic Mechanical Skills
Threaded Fastener Tension & Torque
Lubrication, Thread Lockers, & Cleaners
Bearing Systems
Diagnosing & Solving Mechanical Problems
Tools & Tool Selection
Repair Stands
Home Shop Setup
-Maintenance Schedule

Chapter 2 — Tires & Tubes
Wheel Removal
Removal of Tire & Tube from Rim
Inner Tube Inspection
-Cut at Valve Base
-Leaky Valve Core
-Large Shredded Hole
-Hole on the Rim Strip Side of Tube
-Long Cut or Rip
-Single Puncture or Small Hole
-Double Slits
Tire Inspection
Rim Strip
Inner Tube Repair
-Pre-Glued Patch Repair
-Inner Tube Repair with Self-Vulcanizing Patches
Inner Tube Sealants
Tire Liners
Temporary Tire Repair with Tire Boot
Inner Tube Valves
Tire & Tube Sizing
Installation of Tire & Tube on Wheel
Wheel Installation
-Front Wheels with Disc Brakes
-Solid Axle Types
-Through-Axle Systems
Tubeless Systems
-Tubeless Conversion Systems
Tubular Tires

Chapter 3 — Rear Sprockets
Cassette Sprocket Removal & Installation
Freewheel Sprocket Removal & Installation
Single-Speed Removal
Sprocket Inspection & Cleaning
Fixed Gear Sprockets

Chapter 4 — Hubs
Hub Bearing Service: Adjustable Cup-and-Cone Type
-Parts Inspection
-Hub Adjustment
-Oversized Axle Service: Campagnolo and Shimano
-Hub Adjustment: Solid Axle Cup-and-Cone
Freehub Removal & Installation
Cartridge Bearing Hubs
-Mavic Hub (Level 1 Type)

Chapter 5 — Wheel Truing
Wheel Truing Overview
-Lateral True
-Radial True
-Rim Centering (Dish)
Truing Procedures
-Lateral Truing
-Radial Truing
-Wheel Centering (Dishing)
-Spoke Tension
Broken & Damaged Spoke Replacement
Wheel Wear, Damage, & Repair

Chapter 6 — Pedals
Pedal Removal
Pedal Installation
Damage to Crank Pedal Threads
Pedal Bearing Service

Chapter 7 — Cranksets
Crank Types
Crank Removal & Installation
-Self-Extracting Crank Systems
-Three-Piece Cranks: Octalink, ISIS Drive, Square Spindle, Power Spline and Power Drive
-Two-Piece Compression Slotted Cranks: Shimano and FSA
-Two-Piece Cranks Using Wave Washer: FSA MegaExo and SRAM GXP PF
-Two-Piece Self-Extracting Cranks: Truvativ, SRAM GXP
-Two-Piece Pre-Load Adjuster Nut Cranks: Truvativ, SRAM BB30 I-A, and FSA Afterburner
-Campagnolo and Fulcrum Ultra-Torque Cranks
-Campagnolo Power Torque Cranks
-Specialized S-Works Cranks
Bottom Bracket System Types
-Threaded Standards
-Non-Threaded Standards
--BB86 and BB92
--BB90 and BB95
Bottom Bracket Bearing Service for Non-Threaded Shells
-BB30 Bearings
-PF30 and BBRight Bearings
-BB30 and PF30 Adaptors for Non-BB30 Cranks
-BB86, BB90, BB92, BB95 Bearings (Shimano PF and GXP PF)
-Campagnolo Ultra-Torque and Fulcrum Bearings
-Campagnolo Power Torque Bearings
-Campagnolo BB30 Bearing Adaptors
Bottom Bracket Bearing Service for Threaded Shells
-Threaded Bottom Bracket with Two-Piece Cranks
-Threaded Cartridge Bottom Brackets: ISIS Drive, Octalink, and Square Spindle
-Threaded Adjustable Bottom Bracket Bearings
--Bottom Bracket Removal
--Bottom Bracket Installation
--Bottom Bracket Adjustment
-Chainring Replacement
-Chainring Wear and Damage

Chapter 8 — Chains
Chain Sizing for Derailleur Bikes
-Chain Sizing with Chain Retention System
-Chain Removal
New Chain Installation on Derailleur Bikes
-Shimano and FSA Chains with Connecting Rivet
-Campagnolo 10-speed Chain
-Campagnolo 11-speed Chain
--Setting or Peening of 11-Speed Coupling Rivet
-Chains with Master link
-Chain with Reusable Rivets
-Tight Link Repair
Chain Sizing and Tension Adjustment: Two-Sprocket Bicycles
-Chain Tension: Two-Sprocket Bikes
-Chain Tension: Two-Sprocket Bikes with Chain Tension Idler Device
-Chain Tension: Eccentric Bottom Brackets on Tandem and Single-speeds
--Tandem Crank Synchronizing
Chain Wear and Damage
Chain Cleaning
Chain Lubrication

Chapter 9 — Derailleurs
Cable System
-Cable Housing Length and Routing
-Cable Lubrication
Shift Levers
-Flat Bar Trigger Shifters
-Twist Grip Shifters
-Above-the-Bar Shifters
-Drop Bar Integral Brake/Shift Levers
-Down Tube Shifters
-Bar End Shifters
Front Derailleur
-Derailleur Cable Attachment
-Height Adjustment
-Rotational Adjustment
-Limit Screw Adjustment
--L-Limit Screw
--H-Limit Screw
-Front Index Adjustment: Three-Chainring Bikes
-Front Index Adjustment: Two-Chainring Bikes
-Front Derailleur Performance
-Shimano Front Derailleur FD-9000
--Shimano FD-9000 Front Derailleur Adjustment
Rear Derailleur
-Derailleur Capacity and Maximum Sprocket Size
-Derailleur Installation
-Derailleur Cable Attachment
-Limit Screw Adjustment
--H-Limit Screw
--L-Limit Screw
--B-Screw Adjustment
-Index Adjustment
--Shimano Rapid Rise Derailleurs
--Clutch System Rear Derailleurs
Derailleur Hanger Alignment & Repair
Derailleur Wear & Service
-Troubleshooting Derailleur Systems
Electronic Shift Derailleurs
-Shimano Di2 Intelligent System
--Di2 Battery
--Front Derailleur
--Rear Derailleur
--Crash Feature
-Campagnolo EPS Derailleurs: Super Record, Record, and Athena
--EPS Rear Derailleur Adjustment
--EPS Front Derailleur Adjustment
--EPS Derailleur Ride-Setting
--Crash Mode and Ride Home Mode
--EPS Battery and Charging Unit

Chapter 10 — Internal Gear Systems
SRAM DualDrive
SRAM I-Motion 9
Shimano Nexus Inter-7, Nexus Inter-8, & Alfine Hubs

Chapter 11 — Caliper Disc Brakes
Caliper Types
Brake Pads
Disc Brake Rotors
Hydraulic Brake Systems
-Hydraulic Brake Levers
-Hydraulic Disc Calipers
--Hydraulic Brake Caliper Alignment
Hydraulic Brake Fluid Service
-Shimano Hydraulic Brakes
--Brake Pad Removal and Replacement
--Brake Bleeding
-Magura Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
-Hayes Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
-Avid Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
-Tektro Hydraulic Caliper Brakes
Mechanical Disc Brake Systems
-Brake Lever
-Caliper Pad Alignment and Clearance
-Shimano Mechanical Disc Brakes
-Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
-Hayes Mechanical Disc Brakes
-Avid Mechanical Disc Brakes

Chapter 12 — Caliper Rim Brakes
Brake Levers
-Upright Handlebar Brake Levers
-Drop Bar Brake Levers
Cable System
-Cable Lubrication
-Cable Housing Length
Caliper Rim Brakes
-Brake Pads
--Brake Pad Alignment
--Vertical Height Alignment
--Tangential Alignment
--Vertical Face Alignment
--Pad Toe-in
-Linear-Pull Caliper Adjustment
-Cantilever Caliper Adjustment
-Dual-Pivot Caliper Adjustment
-Sidepull Caliper Adjustment

Chapter 13 — Handlebars, stems, saddles and seatposts
Upright Handlebars
-Bar Grips
Drop Style Handlebars (Road Bars)
-Clip-On and Aero Handlebars
-Quill Stems
-Threadless Stems

Chapter 14 — Headsets
Headset Types
Headset Service
-Threadless Headset Service
-Threadless Headset Adjustment
-Threaded Headset Service
-Threaded Headset Adjustment
Headset Replacement & Installation
-Pressed Headset Removal
-Pressed Headset Installation
-Fork Crown Race Installation
Fork Steering Column Sizing
-Threadless Steering Columns
--Star Nut and Compression Plug Installation
-Threaded Steering Columns

Chapter 15 — Frame & Fork
Frame Components
-Head Tube
-Top Tube
-Down Tube
-Seat Tube
-Bottom Bracket Shell
Frame Construction & Service
-Carbon Fiber

Chapter 16 — Suspension
Spring Systems
-Helical Compression Springs
-Elastomer and Rubber Springs
-Air (Gas) Springs
Shocks (Dampers)
Suspension Linkages
Service & Tuning
-Spring Preload
-Fluid Viscosity
-Cyclist Posture
-Tire Contact

Chapter 17 — On-Ride Repair
Tool Choices
Repair Procedures
-Flat Tire
-Cut or Ripped Tire
-Broken Spoke
-Dented Rim
-Broken Chains
-Chain Suck
-Twisted Chain
-Squeaky and Noisy Chain
-Rear Derailleur Shifting into the Spokes or Frame
-Derailleur Not Indexing Properly
-Broken Derailleur Body, Cage or Hanger
-Missing Derailleur Pulleys
-Front Derailleur Cage Bent or Twisted
-Crank Falling Off
-Pedals Falling Off
-Bent Crank
-Bottom Bracket Loose or Falling Apart
-Broken Derailleur Cable
-Broken Brake Cable
-Twisted or Bent Handlebars or Stem
-Bent Frame or Fork
-Bent Seat or Seatpost

Appendices A–E — Reference Materials
A: Tool List
B: Glossary
C: Torque Recommendations
Torque Conversion Scale
D: Headset Standards
E: Bike Map

  • Updated torque tables
  • Updated tool lists
  • Through-axle systems
  • Tubeless-tire conversion systems
  • SRAM XX1 11-speed freehub removal/installation
  • Campagnolo Power Torque cranksets
  • Specialized S-Works cranksets
  • BB30 crankset system
  • PF30 bottom-bracket system
  • BB86 and BB92 bottom brackets
  • 11-speed chains
  • 11-speed Campagnolo chain installation
  • 11-speed derailleurs
  • Shimano Di2 electronic shifting
  • Campagnolo EPS electronic shifting
  • Shimano 9000 derailleur adjustments
  • Shimano and SRAM clutch-type rear derailleurs
  • SRAM Red derailleur adjustments
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • Headset standards and SHIS standards

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm