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Canfield Brothers

Canfield Bikes 2022 Canfield Tilt-Cane Creek
$3,999.99 - $4,000.00 $3,999.99 - $4,899.00 Up to 18% Off
New arrivals!! We have Canfield Tilt bikes with Cane Creek suspension in stock! Available in SM, MD, LG, XL. EXT suspension upgrades in stock. The Tilt is a mid-travel 29-inch mountain bike designed from the dirt up to be the most fun you can have on two wheels, whether it’s an after-work rip or an all-day epic. Recently reviewed by Vital MTB: "The Tilt is a party on wheels," writes Vital. "It is super fun to point downhill through rock gardens and plays effortlessly off of jibs and jumps alike. Is it effortless to ride? Is any 29er effortless to manhandle through the turns at speed? The Tilt gets mighty close to checking 'Yes.'" See the full review here:,3/Canfield/Tilt,32273#product-reviews/4075
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