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Demo/Rental Bikes


We recommend scheduling at least 5 days in advance as availability of each model/size is limited.
Models vary by location so please call for the latest availability.

Go-Ride SLC
3232 S 400 E
SLC, UT 84115
Ph: 801.474.0081

Go-Ride Draper
12288 S 900 E
Draper, UT 84020
Ph: 801-474-0082

Here at Go-Ride we believe that if you are going to drop some coin on a new ride you should be able make an informed decision by riding all of the best options out there, on the trail, on your own time. We can talk numbers and suspension design all day long, but nothing beats feeling how a bike maneuvers and tracks through your favorite rocky switchback, or how the suspension responds to ripping through that menacing root drop into a rock garden.  Go ride a demo on your favorite trail, see how it feels.  Find one you love, and we will apply the demo price to the purchase*.

We recommend calling in advance to reserve a bike, as our fleet tends to be in high demand. When you come in to pick up the bike, we will work with you one-on-one to get the bike dialed in for you - we do a full and comprehensive suspension setup, quick fit, and you'll be off to play on the trails! We also recommend bringing your own pedals and helmet, but if you are unable to we will provide them for you.

*When you return the bike after your one day demo period, and we have determined that the bike is in the same condition that it left in, your $100 deposit is refunded as in-store credit which you can put towards the purchase of your next bike. If there is damage to the bike, there will be a charge taken from your deposit to repair the bike or replace damaged parts. If the damage exceeds $75 you will be responsible for the cost of the repair and/or parts. (limit of 2 days applied as store credit)


Rental $100/Day  available at our Draper location

SB4.5C                   SB5c



$40/DAY (Winter Rentals Only)