Stan's NoTubes ZTR 355 Rim

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Stan's ZTR 355 rim, with its box shape cross-section, is extra stiff while still maintaining low weight. BST technology enables you to run your tires tubeless which reduces the incidence of flats, lowers weight even further and delivers more grip. Stan also shortened the rim sidewalls and widened the inner cavity which results in a tighter tire bead to rim seal as well as an enhanced tire profile.

Features & Info

This is a 32-hole rim.

View the cross-section.

(Measurements are in millimeters.)

Learn about Stan's BST design.

Stan's NoTubes BST design creates a tight tubeless seal between
the rim wall and tire bead. The inner rim wall is the same size and shape
as the tire bead. It's also shorter, which increases the volume of the tire giving you better traction.
Weight: 355-375 grams.