Repair Services

Go-Ride Labor Rates


Shop Hourly Rate      $60

Basic     $90
  • Drivetrain adjustment
  • Brake checkover & bleed
  • Wheel tension and true
  • Overall bolt and safety check 
*Tune-up prices do not include parts.


Pro Tune     $160

Includes Basic Tune, and...

  • Complete drivetrain removal, cleaning & adjustment
  • Replace cable & housing
  • Full wheel tension & true
  • Bottom bracket service
  • Headset service
*Tune-up prices do not include parts.


Race Prep     $200

Includes Pro Tune, and...

  • Fork quick lube
  • Freehub clean & lube
  • Tubeless sealant top off
*Tune-up prices do not include parts.


World Famous Overhaul     $400-$500

Includes Pro Tune, and...

  • Complete disassembly & cleaning of entire bike, pivots are inspected & bearings are replaced if necessary.
  • Hub overhaul
  • Fork overhaul
  • Rear shock overhaul

*Tune-up prices do not include parts.

**World Famous Overhaul available October-February

Disc Brake Bleed (per brake)     $25

     With Hose Install or Shortening (per brake) $30 and up

Fork Install     $30

Dropper Post Install     $20-$30


Safety Check     $30


Wheel Truing     $20

Wheel Build***     $50 alloy, $75 carbon

Drivetrain Adjustment    $15

     With New Cable and Housing (front and rear)     $30


** Labor price only.  Oil and any additional parts are extra

*** $20.00 Discount if all parts are bought at Go-Ride


We offer comprehensive suspension service from changing oil and replacing seals, to damper and air spring service and rebuilds. Call 1.866-GORIDE4 or use the contact us button for more info.

We recommend a complete fork service at least once per season!

Why you ask? To ensure proper performance, but most of all to prevent premature wear and costly damage to your fork.  We see it all to often.  It's been two years since your last fork service, and guess what, those pretty stanchion tubes with the slippery coating on them, well it's worn off from lack of proper lubrication.  What does that mean to you? Basically it means your fork is ruined and needs to be replaced.  

Fork Services

Fork Quick Lube - $40

-Sealed cartridge fork only-

  • Lower leg assembly lubrication
  • Great mid-season service to keep your fork running like new

Fork Service - $65-$85

  • Oil/Dust wiper install
  • Cleaning of lower assembly and stanchions

* Price of seals varies with each fork and is not included

Add On Menu

  • Damper cartridge bleed       $20
  • Damper cartridge overhaul   $40-$60
  • Air spring service               $20-$30
  • Travel change                    $20-$30
  • Fox Talas air spring service  $40

Shock Services

Air Sleeve Service - $30

Service available for Fox, Rock Shox and X-Fusion Air Shocks

Air Shock Overhaul

Air sleeve service + complete bleed of damper circuit

  • Fox DHX Air/Float X               $80-$120
  • Fox Float RP/CTD/Other       $80-$100
  • Rock Shox Monarch                $80
  • Rock Shox Monarch Plus       $100-$120
  • Rock Shox Vivid Air                $100-$120

Coil Shock Overhaul

Complete bleed of damper circuit

  • Fox DHX (all models)            $100
  • Rock Shox Vivid                      $120
  • Shock seal kit price range    $20-$40
  • Other models available, ask for pricing   

*Repair prices do not include parts